Industry Headlines
November 06, 2013

Going the extra mile

To what lengths will you go for your customers? Georgia-based Mellow Mushroom demonstrated its fan dedication when the company sent its Bake Bus to a North Carolina couple’s wedding.

The couple had their first date at a Mellow Mushroom in Savannah, Georgia, and quickly became weekly regulars. They relocated to a small town in North Carolina without their favorite pizza company nearby. So, Mellow Mushroom packed up its mobile pizza kitchen in Charlotte to serve a surprise pop-up dinner at the couple’s wedding.

For more on the wedding surprise and to watch the video, click here.

Pizza Today releases its annual Top 100 Pizza Companies list

Pizza Today counts down the Top 100 Pizza companies in the U.S. Want to see which pizza chains increased sales?

Up and Coming pizza chains made great strides on this year’s list. Toledo, Ohio-based Marco’s Pizza (No. 12) moved up nine spots, increasing total units to 387 (274 in 2012) and $280 million in gross annual sales, a significant jump from its 2012 figure of $143,923,217. Johnny’s Pizza/Johnny Busco’s Pizza (No. 36), based in Atlanta, Georgia, rose 18 spots from last year and generated $76 million in gross annual sales in 2013 (up from $44 million in 2012).

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POS system: a marketing weapon of choice

We are continuing our Pizza Expo Exclusive series leading up to the International Pizza Expo <> at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 24-27, 2014, with Mike Morgan, who owns and operates multiple Pizza Guys locations.

Morgan shares his expertise on marketing through a POS system. “Collecting data, managing it and developing marketing strategies based on it are hard work,” he says. “It’s vital to collect accurate customer data and develop strategies to use it.”

To get tips on using data to convert phone orders to online orders and more, click here.

Pizza Today webinar series continues

Pizza Today, in conjunction with Moving Targets, is offering a series of Social Media-based Webinars this fall and winter. As operators nationwide continue to recognize the importance of social media and the impact outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have on a pizzeria’s marketing efforts, we’re expanding our online repertoire. The Webinars will give operators tips for using images and graphics, how to identify what and when to post, how to use each network to its fullest, etc.

“It’s all about building relationships,” says Pizza Today editor-in-chief, Jeremy White. “Social media outlets allow you to do that in unique and lasting ways.”

The second Webinar in the series launches Tuesday, November 19 at 2 p.m. EST. It’s entitled “Social Networks Guide — Part 1: The differences between each network and which ones your business should use.” Click here for the registration link.