Market your product with samples
By Jeff Freehof

With so many new restaurants opening around me and the economy being what it is, I’m getting scared watching sales drop. What can I do to keep my name out there without going broke?

It’s time to turn your advertising inside out! Here’s what I want you to try. Take a month or two off from your normal newspaper ads or coupon mailers if you can. Print up flyers with great specials on them and go to lots of local businesses and offices, even schools and close neighborhoods. Here’s the catch: I want you to take great-tasting samples of some of your specialty pizzas (and wings or appetizers or even desserts) with you. Take samples of things that set you apart from your competition. Look neat and presentable, and make sure you go yourself and take your manager with you. Be professional and let these folks know that you are there for any of their daily or catering needs. Yes, hand out lots of food to lots of folks. It will actually cost you less than what you’re spending in other advertising — and it’ll yield great results if you handle yourself properly!

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