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By Pizza Today Staff

Pizza Tweets

Antonino’s Pizza

Have a family member or friend who’s impossible to buy for? Give the gift of Pizza! Antonino’s has gift cards in any denomination!

Why it works: Here, Antonino’s lets customers know two critical points –– one, that they offer gift cards and two, those are available year-round rather than during the winter holidays only. Reminding customers during the off months is a win for all.

Minsky’s Pizza

<3 pizza and lasagna? Have both your loves in one bite w/ the Pizzangna! Join VIP to get the coupon: #lasgnaday

Why it works: This is a great way to encourage customers to sign up for your loyalty program. Plus, National Lasagna Day got a lot of hashtag play, so this Tweet increased Minsky’s reach. This month on

Slice of Hope is next month! Please pledge today

This year, pink ladies’ Slice of Hope T-shirts are back, along with the unisex black t-shirts.

Please buy your T-shirts and pledge online now!

Slice of Hope is a charity event designed to raise funding for the fight against breast cancer. Please join us in an effort to focus our collective attention for one day, Friday, October 11, on ending this disease. If America’s pizzerias band together and donate 15, 20 or even 30 percent of their sales from this one day, we’ll be able to make a remarkable contribution to the Karen Mullen Breast Cancer Foundation, which passes nearly 100 percent of its proceeds on to the nation’s leading breast cancer research labs.

Members of the Pizza Today staff are going to cycle throughout the Northeast to bring attention to the Slice of Hope cause. To show their support, several community-minded pizza companies have already pledged donations.

Facebook Pizza Feeds

The Studio Pizza Sunday –– Buy a large Big Kahuna pizza and get $3 off your order! To try one of our best selling specialties call 482-5100. Open from 3-8pm.

Why it works: Sundays aren’t the biggest day in the industry, so grabbing customers’ attention will get them thinking about pizza. This Facebook post took it a step beyond by encouraging folks to try one of the company’s signature pizzas –– which is a higher-priced offering than a traditional pepperoni pizza. And once you whet their appetite beyond the ordinary, you’re sure to get them back.

Pizza Man
Pizza Man offers FREE VALIDATED PARKING to his customers!

That’s right, avoid the parking hassles and tickets ($22 at the cheapest) and park in the large white Downer Avenue structure directly across the street from Pizza Man’s new location for up to three hours--absolutely FREE!

Why it works: Located in a high-traffic, high rent district? Pizza Man has already realized the potential for parking issues. Judging by the comments, the idea was well-received –– and had already generated customer goodwill even before the doors had opened.

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