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By Pizza Today Staff

Pizza Tweets

The NY Slice Truck

Tonight’s Delivery Specials 5p-9p Call 721-8434 Garlic Knots & Wings $7.99 Or 3 Toppings 20 Inch Pizza Garlic Knots Wings $24.99

Why it works: This Tweet was sent out on a bitterly cold day, and the idea of a hot meal delivered hit home. NY Slice Truck added in their hours and a phone number, along with their daily specials. Way to use those 140 characters wisely!

Aver’s Pizza

Tuesday lunch pie is Lambda Gyro Pi: Zaziki, beef/lamb Gyro, Onion, Tomatoes & Feta. 11-1 North & South slices and 11-2 on East Buffet.

Why it works: Sick of pepperoni and cheese? Aver’s can fix that. The Greek-themed pizza (a tongue-in-cheek play on the Greek social system at the nearby university) transcended traditional offerings. Aver’s also let customers know that they offer slices at one unit and a buffet at another. This tweet packed in a lot!

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Facebook Pizza Feeds

Family Pizza and Restaurant
ONLY A COUPLE DAYS LEFT PIZZA LOVERS!!! Don’t miss your chance to win $100 from your favorite pizzeria!!! Just text “FAMILY PIZZA” to 72727 to be automatically entered to our February 1st drawing

Why it works: Text messaging is an easy way to target those people who want to receive your offers. Family Pizza’s giveaway garnered interest and built a list of ready-made customers who opted in to receive future correspondence. (For more on e-mail marketing, see our story on page XX.)

Cassanos Pizza King
IT IS CONTEST TIME! Let us know your favorite cold weather Cassano’s Pizza and we will pick a random winner for a FREE LARGE PEPPERONI PIZZA. Check back at Noon today for the winner!

Why it works: This Facebook post had 85 responses within 10 minutes of posting, all raving about their favorite Cassano’s offering. And by asking folks to check back at noon, fans are reminded about Cassano’s not once but twice in a day. Brilliant!

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