Freelance Writer's Guidelines

Pizza Today is a monthly four-color trade publication for owners and managers of pizza-based restaurants. Our approximately 42,000 subscribers range from single-store neighborhood parlors to national and international chains. We are also read by more than 2,000 suppliers of products and services for the pizza industry.

Last year, the breakdown of our readership was as follows:

    32,177 independent pizzeria owners and operators
    5,076 franchise operators
    1,990 chain operators
    777 manufacturers, suppliers, and others aligned to the field (such as restaurant consultants, etc.)

Articles for submission to Pizza Today should provide readers with bottom-line operational and management advice applicable to the pizza industry. Authors should offer insights into innovations leading to future money-making ideas for pizza restaurant owners. The magazine is recognized as "the monthly professional guide to pizza profits." Articles should reflect this theme.

Authors should write in an entertaining, conversational style; just as importantly, they should offer solid information and creative solutions to specific management problems. We strive to present an "insider's view." Every story published in Pizza Today should be crammed with tips for operating a better business. Complex or technical concepts should be presented in a manner that's clear to the lay reader contemplating entry into the pizza foodservice industry, but not so basic that experienced veterans are turned off.

Style: We encourage the author's voice and style to show. However, we prefer articles presented in the present tense, using active verbs and personal nouns and pronouns. Fully identify principals in first-mentions, then refer to last names. We largely follow the Associated Press Stylebook with some key exceptions. The largest difference is that, in an effort to be slightly more formal than newspapers, we entirely spell out the names of states [We say Indiana, AP says Ind.]. Other differences are more subtle and our copy editors will make the appropriate changes.

Pizza Today is 70 percent staff and contributor-written, 30 percent freelance-written. We do not accept articles from manufacturers, suppliers or their public relations/media representatives. Articles are due at least 90 days prior to date of publication, and we seek stories in the following subject areas: staff training and management; food preparation and presentation; foodservice marketing and promotion; foodservice delivery; pizza ingredients: cheeses, sauces, dough, toppings, etc.; beverages; safety, security, cleaning and maintenance, technology applicable to the pizza industry, customer retention, etc.

Story queries should be addressed to either Jeremy White, editor-in-chief, or Mandy Detwiler, managing editor. To e-mail Jeremy, click here. To send an e-mail to Mandy, click here.