June Issue 2011
Robert Lillegard
Keeping an even staff level throughout the year is a great thing. You know your employees, they know their roles and staff turnover is steady and predictable. But for some pizzerias, that’s not an option. Summer comes on strong, and with it, a huge spike in demand.Read More
Big Dave Ostrander
I’m experimenting with how many ounces of dough to use for a stromboli and calzone, as well as 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch and 20-inch pies. Can you please help me out?

Josh Johnson
Syracuse, New York
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Jeremy White, Editor in Chief
As the pizza category shows its resilience and continues to pick up steam, there is little doubt that Domino’s Pizza has had a heavy hand in igniting the industry-wide turnaround. The company’s bold product revamping and hugely effective advertising platform has drawn the interest of the public and Wall Street alike, and the result has been a renewed enthusiasm in the world of pizza.Read More
Jeremy White, Editor in Chief
Congratulations to Domino’s Pizza, our 2011 Chain of the Year. You’ll likely recall that the company also received the honor in 2010 (as well as 2003). The repeat performance marks the second time a pizza chain has earned the accolade back-to-back (Papa Murphy’s was our selection in 2008 and 2009). Read More
Tom Lehmann
My pizza dough gets too soft to hand toss after only two days in the cooler. What do I do?

A: In reviewing your dough formula and management procedure, I see that your dough formula contains nearly 10 percent oil in addition to 60 percent water. This is much more oil than the two to four percent that is normally used. Keep in mind that both water and oil contribute to the soft and extensible handling properties of the dough.
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Bill Oakley, Executive V.P.
If you’re looking for new ways to create revenue or just want to find out about the latest industry trends and products, then International Pizza Expo, March 13-15, 2012, is the show for you! International Pizza Expo is the only industry event where you’ll Read More
Pizza Today Staff
Gary Bougie is co-owner and executive chef at SLYCE coal fired pizza company. Rather than go with a more traditional oven and product, Bougie introduced upscale fare to this working-class neighborhood — with great results. The restaurant has earned itself a place among the region’s heavily populated pizza scene.Read More
Denise Greer, Associate Editor
The U.S. has gone mobile. To be specific, wireless penetration in the U.S. reached 93 percent in 2010, according to the International Association of Wireless Telecommunications Industry (CTAI). Those are some serious numbers.
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Mandy Wolf Detwiler, Managing Editor
Imagine your customers ordering their pizza not by the inch –– but by the pound. And the goal? Getting them to polish it off in-house for a chance at t-shirts and cash but best of all, glory.Read More
Pizza Today Staff
Any plans on developing a mobile app?

Jason McGovern
Denver Deep Dish
Denver, Colorado

Jason, that's a great question. All we can say for right now is that we are secretly working on many exciting new projects. Some of these are groundbreaking. Some of these will come to fruition very soon. Keep your eyes out.
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Pasquale "Pat" Bruno
Ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are the holy trinity of condiments. In fact, they are so widely used we often take them for granted. Squirt some mustard on a hot dog, slather ketchup or mayonnaise on a burger and the job is done.Read More
Scott Wiener
I’ve been in a real rut lately. There are dozens of quality pizzerias in my area, but when my friends want to go out for a pie or two (or six) we end up at the same place every time. It isn’t even close to my apartment; I have to take the subway six stops just to get to the right neighborhood. Read More
Scott Anthony
Labor costs typically account for 20 to 30 percent of restaurant sales. With the right tools and equipment, operators can increase productivity, lighten workloads for busy employees and decrease the cost of labor. Read More
Joseph Crowley
I spend countless hours explaining the difference between advertising and marketing to my top managers. Advertising has many forms and the results can usually be measured quickly. Community marketing involves planting seeds, watering them and patiently watching them grow.Read More
Daniel P. Smith
The running joke at Piecora’s Pizza in Seattle reads: “We sell parking, and it comes with food.”
With restaurants and bars blanketing Piecora’s high-density Seattle neighborhood and street parking at a premium, the pizzeria’s 45-stall parking lot stands both a welcome site to customers and a boon to business.
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Katie Ayoub
Labor costs typically account for 20 to 30 percent of restaurant sales. With the right tools and equipment, operators can increase productivity, lighten workloads for busy employees and decrease the cost of labor. Read More
Pizza Today Staff
Brandi Pizza & Wings

HAWKS & BULLS TONIGHT-->Order Brandi Pizza & Wings (312)794-5900 www.brandipizza.com WE DELIVER! 67 E. Cermak Rd., Chicago’s South Loop
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Howard Scott
No one likes to think about it, but employees do steal from their employers. The SBA reported that 10 percent of businesses filing bankruptcy cited employee theft or fraud as major causes.
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Pizza Today Staff
Domino’s Pizza may have won our Chain of the Year designation, but there certainly are other companies within the category that are either enjoying success now or setting themselves up for a promising future. Here’s a look at a handful of those organizations, presented in no particular order:Read More
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